Pastors According To His Heart

PATHH Services

PATHH Ministry offers a range of services for the support of churches, leaders and their families.

 PATHH offers seminars, conferences and workshops on the whole range of issues affecting pastors and churches alike.   These are planned by the ministry and are held at various locations or these are held upon the invitation of churches or leaders.

 Some of the issues covered to date include


  • Facing and managing burnout in ministry
  • Facing the challenges the  spouses of pastors face in Ministry
  • Facing and managing Issues of Integrity in Ministry
  • Facing and Managing Issues of power between the pulpit and the pew
  • Developing and Maintaining Integrity in Ministry
  • Facing the Issues Affecting Devotional life
  • Facing Issues Affecting Family Life
  • Developing and Maintaining Boundaries in Ministry
  • Principles of Church Administration


PATHH stands ready to consult with denominational leaders, ministers’ fraternals, church groupings or local churches in working through various issues affecting church organization. Here are a few:

l  Policies  related to

·         Employment and Staffing

·         Administration and Governance

·         Conduct and Misconduct

·         Social and cultural issues such as policies related to HIV/AIDS.


l  Policies related to issues intended to safeguard the integrity of the pastor and effectively managing ministry failure – burnout, frustration, conflict etc



 PATHH trains church and church staff in a number of areas including



  • Administration and office procedure
  • Leadership development
  • Basic skills in Counselling
  • Ethical considerations in sermon and teaching preparation


Family Enrichment

PATHH conducts family enrichment workshops, retreats and workshops for couples in leadership and for their children. Issues include

    • The pastor’s kid syndrome
    • The pastor’s spouse syndrome
    • The ideal family syndrome
    • The single leader


PATHH  is committed to providing accurate relevant and timely

·         Information to the church and the wider community

PATHH also conducts research on behalf of churches and organizations on areas pertinent to church and community



To date PATHH Ministries has reached into dozens of churches and groups scores of leaders and has already reached across several parishes as well.


Pastors and leaders report that this is a well needed ministry with a unique niche as it addresses issues that do not get the usual attention.