Pastors According To His Heart

About PATHH Ministries

PATHH Ministry is a not-for-profit Christian Ministry committed to supporting spiritual leaders at every level of church life.  God promised Israel in Jeremiah 3:15 that He would give them Pastors According To His Heart who would lead with godly knowledge and understanding.


Christian leaders, particularly those with shepherding responsibilities, face intense and unrelenting pressure in the discharge of their ministry. These range  from ministry burn out to time to spend with their families, from unrealistic expectations to personal disappointments and frustration.


PATHH Ministry (Pastors According to His Heart) stands in that prophetic promise God gave through Jeremiah,  and seeks to walk alongside spiritual leaders to help them to keep on walking the path that God has set out for them and to finish, to finish well  and according to the rules.

The Ministry aims at providing spiritual leaders with tools and resources particularly those addressing ethical and moral issues which will help to maintain ministry integrity.


PATHH Ministry is committed to


Offer seminars, conferences and workshops to share information with  spiritual leaders to enhance   the quality of personal life and their ministry.


Supporting spiritual leaders  affected by ministry disappointments, discouragement, and frustration resulting from  ministry hazards such as  burnout, moral failure, church conflicts to bring restoration and healing.


Working with denominational leaders in  reviewing, implementing and fine-tuning church policies which will help in safeguarding ministry and institutional  integrity


Providing resource and research material which will help leaders serving across the Caribbean.